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Shower Yourself in Our New Arrivals

From the bath to the shower, these gorgeous delights will make skin feel scent-sational

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Lush x SpongeBob limited-edition collection is here! Shop plastic-free gifts and eco-friendly products to help keep our oceans and waterways clean.

 Welcome, stargazers and space cadets to the limited-edition Lush x Asteroid City collection

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Crafted alongside the Lush Creative team in Japan using ingredients found in traditional remedies, this trio of cooling and refreshing, nutrient-dense seaweed bath bombs is inspired by the concept of ippuku.

This set is called Dan, which means warming or warm temperature in Japanese, and contains three stimulating bath bombs to help heat you up if you tend to run cold.

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Aroma and Bath Melts

Scent your space with bath melts. Release beautiful fragrances in a wax burner or while you bathe.

Warm yourself in the sugary scent of sweet vanilla and comforting sandalwood.

Melt away on a dreamy cloud of soothing lavender and sweet tonka absolute.

Care for your most delicate skin

Rest and recharge with luxurious eye pads

eye pads

Treat yourself to a quiet moment of relaxation with our soothing calendula petal tea eye pads.

Set the mood with some relaxing music—may we suggest Frank Sinatra? Then lay back (in the bath or on a comfy chair) and place the pads over your eyes.

eye pads

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