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Bring It Back

We are always striving to offer the ultimate waste-free shopping experience—from naked products, to unique packaging materials, to recycling plastic through our own closed-loop system.

A while ago we learned that, even with all the domestic recycling programs across the world, only 9-12 percent of plastics are recycled. Additionally, 90 percent of all plastic products are made with virgin plastic. While plastic is an incredible and useful tool, we do not need to be producing any more of it.

How to Bring It Back

Click here for a short video on how to Bring It Back, or read below.

Step One

  • Take home and enjoy your favorite Lush products, packaged in a black or clear pot.

Step Two

  • Clean your empty pot (or pots).

Step Three

  • Return either one Lush pot over 45 g or 1.5 oz for $1 off your next purchase, or five empty pots for a free fresh face mask.

Step Four

  • Your returned pot will get a new life through our recycling program!


An animated image with a green background and the words “Bring It Back” in yellow, surrounded by drawings of Lush pots.

Where Do Returned Pots Go?

After you return your black and clear pots over 45 g or 1.5 oz, they are then shipped to our recycling partners in BC or Ontario for processing—shredding, washing and pelletizing. These new raw materials are then used by our supplier to make new black pots that can once more be filled with fresh Lush products, creating a closed-loop recycling system.

If we break it down step-by-step, the process looks like this:

  • You return your used clean Lush pots to one of our stores (and we appreciate you for it)!
  • We send them to one of our recycling partners to be shredded, washed and dried.
  • This processed plastic is then melted down, extruded into spaghetti-like strands and chopped into pellets.
  • Once this is done, these pellets are melted with other post-consumer plastic (previously used to package food) and we add a touch of black colorant.
  • All this melted plastic magic is poured into a mold to become new Lush pots that can once more be filled with fresh product! Pretty neat, eh?

If you are still curious about our Bring It Back program, head into a Lush location to ask one of our staff or take a look at our Bring It Back Terms & Conditions for more helpful insight into closed-loop recycling.