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10 Ways To Go Plastic Free

Build a plastic-free routine with these easy tips

Breakups are never easy, but it’s time to say goodbye to plastic so we can work on building a healthier relationship with the ocean. Why? Because plastic debris is currently making up 80 percent of all ocean litter, from surface waters to deep-sea sediments. This leads to an estimated 1 million marine animals that are killed each year by plastic waste.

The good news is that you can be a part of the change and help clean up our oceans. How? Through simple steps that enable you to go plastic-free in your everyday life.

We’ve spent years developing plastic-free alternatives to your favourite packaged products so you can revel in a fully waste-free routine. Get started today with these 10 simple swaps and be a part of the change!

1. Shampoo Bars

Leave hair feeling soft and cleansed with Jason And The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar.

A close up the back of someone’s head. They have two hands reach behind and cupping the back of their head. In one hand, they hold a rosy colored, round shampoo bar. They are rubbing it into their wet, red hair, creating gentle suds.”

How big of an impact can simply switching to a shampoo bar actually have? Well, one bar can last up to 60 washes, which is equivalent to three 200ml / 6.7 fl. oz. plastic shampoo bottles.

We took a look at how many Lushies choose shampoo bars and, from 2005 to 2023, we’ve sold 59 million. Potentially saving the planet from 180 million plastic bottles, roughly 4500 tons of plastic—that’s a pretty big impact if you ask us!

New to shampoo bars? Learn how to use these lightweight powerhouses and enjoy essential oils and fresh ingredients that leave your hair feeling nourished, soft and smelling fantastic.

2. Pressed conditioner

Experience beach-ready volume with Big Pressed Conditioner.

A close up of someone’s head. In one hand, they are holding a pressed conditioner bar and working it through their wet, brunette hair.

Follow up your shampoo bar cleanse with our pressed conditioners. Packed full of butters, fresh fruits and herbal infusions, these conditioners will leave your hair feeling incredibly nourished while leaving behind nothing that’ll pollute the planet when it’s done!

From 2005 to 2023, we’ve sold 7.7 million bars of packaging-free conditioner. This means 690 tons of plastic has been saved from poisoning the planet. Talk about a good hair day!

3. Bar soap

Get squeaky clean with the uplifting citrus scent of Sandstone Soap.

A close up of someone’s upper chest and shoulders. Their skin and dark hair are wet and they are holding a sudsy yellow bar of soap near their collarbone, cleansing their body with it.

Bar soaps are a solid choice (literally)! Not only are they just as hygienic as liquid soaps, as they do not transfer bacteria from one user to the other, but one 100 g / 3.5 oz. bar of soap is the same as a half liter / 16.9 fl. oz bottle of the liquid version. And, once this bar is gone, it’s gone. No unrecyclable pumps and no leftover packaging.

4. Body scrubs

Refresh your skin as you moisturize and gently exfoliate with Scrubee.

A close up of a person rubbing Scrubee onto wet skin.

Did you know the world consumes one million plastic bottles a minute? That’s a scary number! Help do away with excess waste as you buff off dry skin with naked body scrubs and butters. Made with rich butters and essential oils, scrubs like our bestselling Scrubee, are gentle enough for every skin type, leaving you with nothing but skin that feels soft and renewed.

5. Body moisturizer

Enjoy the rich butters and refreshing mint of Tingle.

A close up of someone’s hand holding a blue solid body conditioner called Tingle. They are rubbing it into their skin to moisturize themselves.

How many bottles of moisturizer do you think you’ll use in your lifetime? Now, consider that, of the 5800 million tons of primary plastic no longer in use, only nine percent has been recycled since 1950. The rest? They largely end up polluting our planet. Let that sink in for a second.

The good news is, you can strip all the extra packaging away with naked body conditioner, a body hydrating way to condition your skin without the need for any plastic at all. Now, let THAT sink in for a second … yes, that was a moisturizer pun. We’ll see ourselves out …

6. Deodorant

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from plastic packaged deodorants to a more natural option, this is your sign! Our bestselling naked deodorant uses astringent witch hazel to tackle odor-causing bacteria while chamomile vinegar soothes the skin. You’ll smell fresh while ensuring our planet stays fresh!

7. Skincare

Experience a healthy, hydrated glow with Full Of Grace Serum.

A close up of someone’s forehead. They are holding a cream colored oval skincare product in one hand, moisturizing their skin by rubbing it in their brow area.

Kick off your sustainable skincare routine with a naked cleansing balm, like relaxing Sleepy Face, or a cleansing facial soap, like exfoliating Movis. Prepare and prep your skin with softening and purifying ingredients that’ll melt away dirt, oil and makeup for a fresh feel without any wasteful packaging.

Next, leave your skin feeling soft and radiant with our naked facial serum. Simply swipe across your face and massage in with your fingers. Whether you’re prepping your skin pre-makeup or winding down for the evening, your skin will thank you.

8. Makeup

Refillable lipsticks nourish your lips while protecting the planet.

Six lipstick refills are positioned in a circle. All their black wax seals have been peeled away to reveal a medley of rose and red hues, save one lipstick which is still sealed. A hand has reached into frame, delicately wrapping the pointer and thumb finger around one of the lipsticks, ready to pluck it from the circle.

Traditional makeup has become an ugly industry with a significant waste problem. Currently, an estimated 120 billion units of packaging are produced each year—accounting for 70 percent of the industry's waste globally. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Lush’s line of low impact, cruelty-free makeup is formulated to wear brilliantly throughout your day. With innovative, plastic-free options like our line of naked mascaras or a refillable lipsticks—this is the future of cosmetics.

9. Reusable bubble bars

Enjoy the sweet bubbles of Raspberry Blower Reusable Bubble Bar.

A close up of Raspberry Blower Bubble Bar. It is a circular pink bubble bar with a hole in the middle, held with a popsicle stick handle. There is running water being splashed on top of it as a bathtub below fills in a vibrant pink color.

There’s nothing better than a soothing bath … unless it’s a bubble bath! Pick up one of our reusable bubble bars and create a tub of frothy, fragrant fun again and again. Is it your first time with a multi-use bath product? No worries! Learn how to use a reusable bubble bar here. But fair warning, you may start taking multiple baths a day.

10. Massage bars

Enjoy a sweet, vanilla-scented massage with Coconut Drench Massage Bar.

A close up of someone’s hands, both gently holding an oval, cream-colored massage bar.

Heat things up again and again with a solid massage bar. Melt nourishing butters and oils over warm skin and release beautiful essential oil blends to enhance your mood. Then, store your massage bar in a safe, dry space until you’re ready to relax with it for a second round … or third … or fourth.

Storing your naked products

Keep your nudes high and dry! Store your naked products in our Round Tin and Oval Tin to help keep your new treats safe and clean. Or check out our revolutionary Cork Pot, our first carbon-positive packaging product made from 100 percent natural, reusable and biodegradable cork.

Lush x SpongeBob SquarePants

Make waves with nautical nonsense! We've collaborated with SpongeBob SquarePants to bring you a limited-edition range of products for bath, shower and more. Embrace your inner child and have fun with these plastic-free swaps that are Bikini Bottom approved.

Learn more about Paramount Consumer Products and Nickelodeon launching SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change, their multi-year global initiative to fund clean-up work to protect our seas and marine life.

So, feeling empowered to make a small change and ditch plastic this July? Not sure which product suits your hair and skin’s needs? Head to your local shop or reach out to our Customer Care team for, help with product recommendations, consultations and guidance with gifting.

Together, we can support one another in making our homes plastic-free and building routines that the planet, and our bodies, will thank us for.